Why Video?

It sometimes amazes me that only about 20 percent of the weddings in the US have a videographer. Why is this? For one thing, video is fairly new. The wedding videography industry is only about 25 years old, where photography has been around for 150 years. Therefore when planning a wedding, couples think of the flowers, reception venue, and photographer, but too often get a videographer only if there is money left over. Yet few people who have had a video have regretted it. In most cases they consider their video the most valuable item that they bought for their wedding.

While photography is certainly worthwhile (and you should have a photographer), consider what you will not get with your wedding photos:

  • There will be no record of the sounds of your wedding, no vows, no toasts, no readings, no music.
  • You will have only moments in time. Your first dance will be just that, snapshots, not the dance itself.

It is said that sound has a greater impact than images. With video you get both a moving record of the day, and even more important, the sounds.

But today a wedding video is much more than just a record. Many videographers will go far beyond that and create for you, your own wedding day film. We have the skills and the talent to capture and enhance the feelings and emotions. While a skilled photographer can also use artistry to move beyond pure documentary, we can do so much more, by the fusion of imagery, the spoken word, and music.

Here in the Philadelphia area we have a wealth of talent, perhaps more than any metropolitan area in the country. There is a lot to choose from in this region. No matter where you live however the important thing is to find someone whose style you like and who you can afford. But don’t cut corners and pick the cheapest videographer. In fact consider hiring your videographer before your photographer. You won’t regret it, and your videographer will probably be able to refer you to a photographer whose style is compatible.

You wedding day movie is something that you will always have, like your photos. But unlike the photos sitting in an album, your video will allow you to see and hear your wedding day as it happened.

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Revising Our Services

To provide the best service to couples we have made some minor changes to our packages. These will be effective on all bookings in 2009.

First we have renamed the Wedding Highlights Video to the Artistic Wedding Program. We feel that this better describes our premium product.

The Deluxe Package will now include the following additional features:

  • The Artistic Wedding Program will be available to view in it’s entirety on our web site. This is a great way for your family and friends to see your wedding, no matter where they are.
  • An iPod / iPhone compatible video of the Artistic Wedding Program will be standard with the Deluxe Package.
  • A Blu-ray High Def copy of the Artistic Wedding Program is now standard.

The Basic Package will no longer include multi-camera coverage at the base price. We will offer (and highly recommend) multi-camera two videographer coverage for a very reasonable additional charge. This will also include improved audio through use of multiple audio recorders.

For more information visit our packages page.


I am writing this from the annual Wedding and Event Videographer Association Expo in Orlando Florida. For the past few years I have been attending this conference regularly. I am here to learn new things from some of the finest wedding videographers in the world.
This year we are really seeing the shift toward HD. Up to now it seems that the majority of video companies were still not filming in HD. This year more than half are. We made the move to HD a few months ago and I am glad that we did.
I look at the style of some of the top videographers in the business and I realize that what sets them apart is more than just technical excellence, it is that they have a unique vision, one that sets them apart. What I take away from this is that while I can learn much from the masters, our style is still our own and that is what makes Bonnie Blink Productions unique. We cannot be everything to all people. Some couples love our style, others will prefer the work of others. We will continue to define our vision while incorporating the ideas that we get from the best in the business.

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Church restrictions revisited

A few months ago I published this post regarding church restrictions. As restrictions can affect our ability to film your wedding properly, I feel that I should revisit this topic. Reception venues vary considerably on how much freedom videographers have. Most (but not all) non-church ceremony locations will allow us to work with no restrictions. Individual priests, ministers and rabbis may impose their own set of rules when conducting a wedding at a non-religeous location. The venue itself may have rules. So even if you are having your wedding ceremony at a reception hall or country club, it is important to ask both the manager of the venue and the officiant what rules or restrictions exist for videography.

When having a wedding ceremony in a church, you should ask about restrictions before hiring a videographer. While we can work well even when shooting from the balcony, we will still need to set up audio (wireless microphones and digital recorders for the groom, officiant, and for reading and music). Sometimes this is not allowed and we cannot properly capture the music and speech. Occasionally a church will not allow any video, although this is rare. Don’t assume that the rules are the same for videographers as they are for photographers. While most venues do have the same rules, there are some places that restrict videography but not photography.

Most of the time we have no problems and will be able to get the coverage that you would expect from us. But it is important to know ahead of time. Discuss any restrictions with your videographer. He or she will be able to tell you if they can provide adequate coverage.

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