West Chester Christmas Parade – 2008

Every year our hometown of West Chester, PA holds a Christmas parade on the first Friday in December. This year we were asked by the parade organizers to provide video coverage. Several thousand people attended this very popular event despite the cold weather. The parade itself includes some very interesting and unusual acts including a Bolivian dance company performing in native costume. After the arrival of Santa Claus, recording artist Bianca Ryan (winner of America’s Got Talent a couple of years ago) sang a beautiful rendition of O Holy Night, followed by the tree lighting in front of the court house.

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The Wedding Highlights Movie – What is it?

Included in the Deluxe and Ultimate packages is our Wedding Highlights Movie. It is sometimes difficult to explain to clients exactly what it is. Our goal here is to get to the emotional center of the wedding and create a short film that preserves the day, not just images and sound, but the feeling of the wedding. We do this by taking the emotional highlights and putting them together with appropriate music in a free-form structure.

 Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. These do not have to be in chronological order however. A well written story also has anticipation, climax, and resolution. Climax and resolution are the key points that the video is structured around. Often (but not always) the climax will the vows. Resolution creates the ending, leaving the viewer feeling satisfied that the story has been told and is complete. In the past we have used a linear story line. The production starts with the getting ready segment, proceeds to the ceremony and then to the reception. It concludes with a closing montage of the day’s events.  We use voiceovers from the ceremony and reception (toasts, readings, the sermon etc) to reinforce and build the emotional center. Music is also an important part of this. We choose music that we feel will enhance the story as well as songs chosen by the couple. We are moving towards using a less linear format.

 The goal here is to emphasize the emotional center. To that end we may not necessarily proceed from bridal prep to ceremony to reception. The video may end with the vows, or perhaps the first dance. It depends on what we have filmed, what we have as voiceover materiel and many other factors. In some cases we will not "time shift" the program if we feel that a linear storyline is best. The most important point is that the story must be engaging, coherent, and meaningful.

 Our clients often wonder why a 20 to 40 minute highlights video takes much more time to produce then a two hour documentary style edit. This is because we spend many hours discovering the story within and bringing it out through artistic editing. The emphasis is not on just stringing together the wedding ceremony and reception, but bringing the wedding day film to a higher level. We hope that each couple, years after their wedding, will still play their Wedding Highlights and feel one again like bride and groom. Here are some examples of our Wedding Highlights Program.

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