Why you should put the wedding movie first in your planning

In recent months, I have received several inquiries from couples who didn’t know if they could afford a wedding movie. Too often a large part of the budget is put into flowers, DJ, limo, chair covers, the cake etc. While these are nice to have, when fitting everything into a budget, you should think about what will be left after the last guest has departed.

 There are three tangible things that you will take with you, your rings, the photos, and your wedding movie. Everything else will be gone. You will always have your rings, and the photos will remind you of the day, but the movie will let you hear the vows, see the tears & laughter, and allow you to be a part of the first dance all over again. When the wedding movie is left out of the equation all you can do is see a moment in time through still images, but you can’t hear it or relive it again. This is why your movie should be seen as an investment instead of an expense. It will be there for you, your children and grandchildren to treasure in the years to come.

 As you plan your wedding, consider the value placed on the memory of the day. If your expenses are tight, consider what won’t be as important after the wedding as remembering the day through the timeless imagery of your wedding day movie. If you put the rings, the photos, and the video at the top of your list, you won’t regret it.

You may have noticed in this post that I have used the word movie instead of video. The objection that we hear all too often when someone tells us why they don’t want video, is that is is boring and they will never watch it more than once. As professionals, we pride ourselves on telling a story that is engaging and emotional, that no matter how many times you have seen it, your wedding movie will never will never grow old. For examples, visit our gallery page.

 Thanks to Phil Hinkle of Frogman Productions for inspiring this post.


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