When less is more

In the past year we have been placing a much greater emphasis on short, beautifully edited mini-movies of the wedding day (we call them “Wedding Stories”) instead of the more traditional wedding video. There are several reasons for this shift. The most important one is that we are not just in the business of documenting the event, it is our job to capture the feeling of the day. We want our wedding videos to be something that is treasured and watched for years to come.

Our Wedding Stories are typically short (from about 30 minutes down to 7 or 8). Each one is unique. The idea is to present the essence of the day in a moving and entertaining manner. We want the viewer to be drawn into the experience. Like the title of this post says, less is more. Since every client gets the complete ceremony and main reception events as extras, we are free to get to the emotional core of the day. This takes time and requires extensive editing. In addition to the edit itself, there is music selection, as well as picking out appropriate audio for voice overs. It is also very important that your Wedding Story looks and sounds special. This requires color grading and sound design.

All of this takes time which is why the Wedding Story is only available with the Plus and Ultra Package.  It is worth it though. For a more detailed explanation and sample video clips, visit our gallery page.

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More website updates

We have made more changes to the look and feel of our website. These are not so much revolutionary as evolutionary. The color scheme has been changed to a new dark blue and the home page has been simplified. Other than that we are still using the same layout and hosting.

One new addition is an on-line version of the pre-wedding questionnaire that is sent to every client a few weeks before their wedding. Also in the works is new information for couples on how we work and what to expect in our coverage of their wedding.

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