Clip from an interesting wedding

First, this was not one of our clients. The clip below was done by GM Elliot Videography in Williamstown NJ. I was there however along with Darrell Aubert of Aubert Films as the videographers. Darrell and I were faced with a rainy day and a very dark church. As you will see from the clip, the ceremony came out well.

The reception was at the Franklin Institute, as fantastic location. Under Ben Franklin’s statue they had a fantastic evening.This is an excellent example of what is being done today by our top videographers. Great job Glen!

Allyson & Bill Wedding Trailer- Philadelphia, PA (The Franklin Institute) from Glen Elliott on Vimeo.

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Creating a Memorable Wedding

I see a lot of different weddings and the only thing that you can count on is that two people will be getting married. There are a lot of standard traditions, the bride’s father gives her away, the couple kiss at the end of the ceremony, there are toasts at the reception, and the bride an groom dance. Beyond that anything goes. We are encountering fewer couples who do the bouquet and garter, sometimes they will do just the bouquet (there was even one wedding where there was just the garter), or nothing at all. At one wedding this year there was a wedding cake but no cake cutting.

Couples are free to dispense with anything that they don’t want. When I got married we did away with the first dance and bouquet & garter. If fact we didn’t even have a DJ. And I handed a camera to a friend and asked her to film the wedding. That was a big mistake. I wasn’t a professional wedding videographer then, but I did know how do edit. No matter what I did, there was no way that the video would ever look good. In retrospect we both wish that we had a better video. As far as anything else is concerned, it is up to you. It is your day. If you do what you both want, you will have a memorable wedding. Don’t bow to family pressure. If what they want isn’t what you want, don’t do it. The same goes with friends. Don’t feel that you have to outdo your friends. It isn’t a competition.

Last but not least, remember that your video and photos will be the only tangible memories that you will have when it is over. Don’t decide that it isn’t important, they are.