Why wedding videographers love their work

There is one thing about wedding videography, for many of us (myself included), it is a passion, not a job. I love what I do and most of the best names in the business feel the same way. Recently I came across a blog post by Laura Moses, who along with husband Steve, run one of the top wedding videography studios in the country. This is the way that Laura sums it up:

We work with music, hearts, and dreams. We’re the keepers of the flame for future generations. After we’re gone there will be pieces of us ”little bits of our hearts ” scattered across the globe, telling stories about love.

That says it all. It isn’t just about documenting the day, it is about keeping the flame, capturing the emotion, seeing things in a way that will forever commemorate that one day. Great wedding cinema is beyond “just video”, like great movies there is an emotional connection that spans generations.

A Story of Love – by Laura Moses.

Well said Laura!

New article on video encoding

A couple of months ago I was asked by the publishers on Millimeter Magazine to write an article on video encoding as it relates to wedding videography. Since we use Sorenson Squeeze for encoding both web and iPod video, I described our work flow using that product. Here is a link to this article.


We are always happy to share our knowledge with others, something that many wedding videographers do (not too many competitive secrets in this industry). I think that this is one of the main reasons that wedding videography has come so far in a few short years, the exchange of knowledge.

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Our new logo

In the past few weeks we have been working on creating a brand for BonnieBlink Productions. One of the most important elements is to have a professionally made logo. Up to now we have gone with nothing more than test on our masthead, and we felt that the time had come to have a readily identifiable “look”. Having a logo made by a designer can be frustrating and expensive. When working with a single designer you often end up with only one type of design. A better and less expensive solution (and one that has been used by a number of top wedding videographers) is to run a logo design competition, and that is what we did.

I opened an account at LogoSauce.com and started a 3 week search for a new logo. How it works is that during the competition designers from all over the world submit entries. The business puts up a certain amount of money to be paid to the winner. When the competition closes you then choose a logo from the submitted designs. We chose a logo by Thomas Gumball of Bristol England.

And here is our new logo:

Philadelphia wedding videography company logo

Our new logo

We picked this design because of it’s style and how it represented what we do. I am very pleased that we have such a beautiful logo to represent BonnieBlink Productions.

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