Starting a New Season

It has been awhile since I have posted on this blog. Things have been rather slow and at this time I am only editing one wedding. That will change in the coming weeks as the wedding season starts up. What changes are we looking for this year? For one thing, digital SLRs (single lens reflex) cameras designed for photographers are becoming a must-have item for videographers. We are not trying to take business from our photographer colleagues, rather we are using the full motion video capability to produce gorgeous imagery. Since these cameras have such large sensors and since they use photo lenses, they give us a beautiful shallow focus image that rivals what you get from Hollywood. It is truly making us “filmmakers” rather than videographers.

We are planning to add at least one DLSR this year. At this time I see it more for “beauty shots” rather than as a primary camera. there are still too many limitations for us to eliminate our camcorders.

Another area of change will be to continue to emphasize the short Wedding Story video. I believe that the most important aim of our work is to capture the feeling and present it in a way that will be as powerful 20 years from now as today. Our wedding stories take time and money to produce. While we don’t do anything that is way over the top, we also don’t want to price ourselves so high that only the wealthiest couples can afford us. Our price point and product are definitely upscale, but we are not the most expensive videographers in the Philadelphia market by any means.

In our wedding stories, we will continue to use a non-linear editing style, i.e. we don’t always start at the bridal prep and end at the last dance. Telling the story does not always mean putting things in order.

The changes that we have made over the past year have been warmly received by our clients. We want our clients to be thrilled with their wedding film and that we are accomplishing.