The Essentials Package

We are reintroducing our Essential Package as our entry level offering. With this you get:

  • Our “Wedding Story” highlights film (a 10 to 15 minute artistic edit).
  • Basic coverage of the ceremony, and main reception events.
  • A 3 to 4 minute preview of the day.

The difference between the Essentials Package and our higher priced offerings is that only one videographer is assigned to cover the day instead of two, and only the main reception events (first dance, parent dances, toasts, blessing, cake cutting, bouquet and garter) are included.

One videographer doesn’t mean one camera. We still use multiple cameras, but as one person can’t be in two places at once, it does limit us somewhat. We cannot provide “getting ready” coverage of both the bride and groom, and we don’t have as many shooting options. You still receive a beautiful wedding day film though. Here is an example of what we can create:

In the above example the couple (Erin and Greg), everything (bridal prep, ceremony and reception) was at one location, which made it possible to work within a single videographer framework. The Essentials Package is perfect for simple weddings. If you are unsure whether this package is right for you, just ask us.

InFocus and Our Focus

In January we attended the InFocus conference in Charleston SC. The InFocus group was formed not too long ago with the  idea of taking wedding videography in a new, artistic direction. While I have been to a number of conferences for wedding videographers over the years, they too often were rehashes of the same old ideas. InFocus was completely different. There wasn’t a single session that I didn’t learn from. The focus was on creative wedding cinema. Just as good photographers have broken out from the old mold of the same (often cheesy) poses, wedding filmakers are moving away from “just recording the day”.

This is where we have been moving for the past few years. To me, making a plain record of weddings isn’t making use of our creativity. We are in the business of conveying emotion. Isn’t that what good fimmaking is all about? A film that is memorable is one that moves the viewer.

One thing that I noticed at InFocus was that it was a much younger crowd, and that there were a lot more women present. This is a good thing. Even though I was probably one of the older attendees, I felt invigorated by being with a group that looks forward, not back.

I came home with a lot of very good ideas. While not every couple is looking for an artistic wedding video, those who do have something truly special. Not just for them, but for anyone who sees it. It is like an email that I received a couple of yeras ago from the mother of the bride in it she said:

There’s not a person who has watched who hasn’t told me it moved them to tears. . . . The way you brought it all together is just stunning.

That is what InFocus and Our Focus is all about.

Ashley and Nathan – Hurricane Wedding

On August 27th, the entire northeast was treated to a visit from Hurricane Irene. We were in Center City Philadelphia to film Ashley and Nathan’s wedding. Despite the conditions, family and guests were all there. The wedding was great and until you stepped outside, you would never know that you were in a hurricane. Here is a short preview of Ashley and Nathan’s wedding day:

Ceremony – St. Augustine’s Church – Philadelphia PA
Reception – The Ballroom at the Ben – Philadelphia

Videographers – Alan Robinson, Deidre Hosterman.
Editor – Alan Robinson

Cindy and Caleb

Congratulations to Cindy and Caleb who celebrated their wedding on August 6, 2011 at the Community Free Evangelical Church in Elverson PA. Here is a preview:

Mike Landis did the photography and has great photos of the event on his blog.

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Best Wedding Video

You may have already seen the “Best Wedding Video” that went viral last month with over a million hits. What is significant is that while other wedding videos have hit the big time on YouTube or other sites, this is the first one to produced by one of the leaders in our industry, David Robin. David is known for his fantastic concept wedding and Bar / Bat Mitzvah videos. This was a huge challenge in that he had to pull it off at the wedding with very little time, unlike most of his concept videos which are filmed at the client’s convenience rather then on the day of the event. Here is more information on his blog:

David Robin Blog Post

Great job David!

The Philadelphia Filmmakers Alliance – Now GPVA Again

Update – The Philadelphia Filmmakers Alliance is now the GPVA again and has returned to the format that was successful in the past.

For a number of years wedding videographers in the Philadelphia area have looked to the Greater Philadelphia Videographers Association for education and networking. The organization now has a new name and an expanded agenda. While wedding videography is still an important, the organization hopes to widen its appeal to filmmakers in other areas. This will benefit all of us as we will have an opportunity to learn from experts in other disciplines.

Wedding Films

We made a slight change to our logo recently. Instead of BonnieBlink Productions, we now include the words “Wedding Films”. While our business name has not changed, we felt that the logo should reflect our specialty, that is creating elegant, upscale wedding films. While our product is captured and delivered on video, it is not “just” videography. That term too often refers to just recording the events of the day with little consideration to the artistic possibilities. Some couples want only a record of their wedding and there are many fine videographers who do just that. But many want a special remembrance of the day that goes beyond a mere record. That is what we do. The term film or cinema denotes an artistic approach and therefore describes our niche.

Megan and Michael

Here is a preview of Megan and Michael’s wedding on Sept 18th, 2010 in Reading PA. You can view their wedding story here.

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Putting the Story First

There is always a temptation to shoot for the “beauty shots”, that is to make every image gorgeous. I admit that I often spend way too much time trying to achieve the perfect look. I always remind myself however, that what our clients want most in their wedding video is the story. Having many beautiful shots without the underlying story is like an empty gift wrapped box. Pretty to look at, but nothing inside. No matter what, we always put the emphasis on the story. The story is told through the words spoken on the wedding day. These words may come from the officiant, the person delivering the toast, the bride and groom’s family, or even the couple themselves.

Every wedding is different. Sometimes there is a beautiful sermon or a moving toast. Other times the ceremony is uninspired and the toasts perfunctory. So not every event will be equal emotionally. It can be a challenge to the editor when we don’t have much to work with. There is always something though. Eye candy is pretty, but words are profound. And it the words that will be remembered. That is our goal in telling the story.

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