Best Wedding Video

You may have already seen the “Best Wedding Video” that went viral last month with over a million hits. What is significant is that while other wedding videos have hit the big time on YouTube or other sites, this is the first one to produced by one of the leaders in our industry, David Robin. David is known for his fantastic concept wedding and Bar / Bat Mitzvah videos. This was a huge challenge in that he had to pull it off at the wedding with very little time, unlike most of his concept videos which are filmed at the client’s convenience rather then on the day of the event. Here is more information on his blog:

David Robin Blog Post

Great job David!

Wedding Films

We made a slight change to our logo recently. Instead of BonnieBlink Productions, we now include the words “Wedding Films”. While our business name has not changed, we felt that the logo should reflect our specialty, that is creating elegant, upscale wedding films. While our product is captured and delivered on video, it is not “just” videography. That term too often refers to just recording the events of the day with little consideration to the artistic possibilities. Some couples want only a record of their wedding and there are many fine videographers who do just that. But many want a special remembrance of the day that goes beyond a mere record. That is what we do. The term film or cinema denotes an artistic approach and therefore describes our niche.

New article on video encoding

A couple of months ago I was asked by the publishers on Millimeter Magazine to write an article on video encoding as it relates to wedding videography. Since we use Sorenson Squeeze for encoding both web and iPod video, I described our work flow using that product. Here is a link to this article.

We are always happy to share our knowledge with others, something that many wedding videographers do (not too many competitive secrets in this industry). I think that this is one of the main reasons that wedding videography has come so far in a few short years, the exchange of knowledge.

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Our new logo

In the past few weeks we have been working on creating a brand for BonnieBlink Productions. One of the most important elements is to have a professionally made logo. Up to now we have gone with nothing more than test on our masthead, and we felt that the time had come to have a readily identifiable “look”. Having a logo made by a designer can be frustrating and expensive. When working with a single designer you often end up with only one type of design. A better and less expensive solution (and one that has been used by a number of top wedding videographers) is to run a logo design competition, and that is what we did.

I opened an account at and started a 3 week search for a new logo. How it works is that during the competition designers from all over the world submit entries. The business puts up a certain amount of money to be paid to the winner. When the competition closes you then choose a logo from the submitted designs. We chose a logo by Thomas Gumball of Bristol England.

And here is our new logo:

Philadelphia wedding videography company logo

Our new logo

We picked this design because of it’s style and how it represented what we do. I am very pleased that we have such a beautiful logo to represent BonnieBlink Productions.

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Clip from an interesting wedding

First, this was not one of our clients. The clip below was done by GM Elliot Videography in Williamstown NJ. I was there however along with Darrell Aubert of Aubert Films as the videographers. Darrell and I were faced with a rainy day and a very dark church. As you will see from the clip, the ceremony came out well.

The reception was at the Franklin Institute, as fantastic location. Under Ben Franklin’s statue they had a fantastic evening.This is an excellent example of what is being done today by our top videographers. Great job Glen!

Allyson & Bill Wedding Trailer- Philadelphia, PA (The Franklin Institute) from Glen Elliott on Vimeo.

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Quoted in Sorenson Media Press Release

We were quoted by Sorenson Media this week in their press release for the Wedding and Event Videographers Association Expo. Sorenson Squeeze is a video encoder that we use for all of our web and iPod video.

Whenever I do a wedding, I put a trailer on my Web site and traffic increases. Its very important for trailers to look good, said wedding videographer Alan Robinson, owner of Bonnie Blink Productions in West Chester, Penn. I use Sorenson Squeeze to create top quality Flash video for my Web site. Several colleagues have commented on how good my Web video looks and I recommend Sorenson Squeeze to them.

Here is the link:

Wedding and Event Videographers Capture Top Quality Encoding, Workflow Solutions from Sorenson Media

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(Slightly) new name for our company

You may have noticed that the name of our company is slightly different. Bonnie Blink Productions is now BonnieBlink Productions. There are several reasons for combining the first two words. The main one is that it leads to less confusion. First there is no one named Bonnie here. Bonnie Blink is an old Scot’s word for “beautiful view” rather than a woman’s name.

The second reason for the change is that as a more unique name, we have a better way to target our wedding videography clients. On the web there is a very popular site called Then there is the rock group Blink182, and there is a Blink Productions in the UK. We are Philadelphia wedding videographers and it is important that our clients can find us.

For now you will see both the old and new names on our website and in our correspondence. Our official business name is still Bonnie Blink Productions. As our focus is on upscale brides, we want a look that reflects that.

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More website updates

We have made more changes to the look and feel of our website. These are not so much revolutionary as evolutionary. The color scheme has been changed to a new dark blue and the home page has been simplified. Other than that we are still using the same layout and hosting.

One new addition is an on-line version of the pre-wedding questionnaire that is sent to every client a few weeks before their wedding. Also in the works is new information for couples on how we work and what to expect in our coverage of their wedding.

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