(Slightly) new name for our company

You may have noticed that the name of our company is slightly different. Bonnie Blink Productions is now BonnieBlink Productions. There are several reasons for combining the first two words. The main one is that it leads to less confusion. First there is no one named Bonnie here. Bonnie Blink is an old Scot’s word for “beautiful view” rather than a woman’s name.

The second reason for the change is that as a more unique name, we have a better way to target our wedding videography clients. On the web there is a very popular site called blink.com. Then there is the rock group Blink182, and there is a Blink Productions in the UK. We are Philadelphia wedding videographers and it is important that our clients can find us.

For now you will see both the old and new names on our website and in our correspondence. Our official business name is still Bonnie Blink Productions. As our focus is on upscale brides, we want a look that reflects that.

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