Tim and Alicia

Last Saturday my stepson Tim Johnston married Alicia Pizzo at the Scotland Run Golf Club in Williamstown, NJ. This is the first time that a family member has wed since I started in the wedding videography business, and to quote my wife (and Tim’s Mom) Barbara, it was surreal. Tim and I have been at a lot of weddings together as he is my second shooter. As I was going to be part of the bridal party, I would not be able to film it. Glen Elliot and Darrell Aubert stepped in and did the videography. I did the formal photos as we didn’t hire a photographer.

Did I mention surreal? It seemed almost like a regular shoot until the ceremony. Instead of being behind the camera, I was in the front row, my 2nd shooter was the groom, and my wife was the Mother of the Groom. The ceremony was short. In fact it was the shortest that I have ever seen (Glen and Darrell thought it might be a record for them too), clocking in at 9 minutes including the processional and recessional. The whole thing was very emotional however, and I admit to tearing up a few times.

Cocktail hour and the reception followed. It was very nice to actually be a guest for once, and it was a thrill to see the couple doing their first dance as well as my wife dancing with her son.

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